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Reviews For Ruth Sewing Academy

Margie Gillian 

March 1, 2018

Ruth is an awesome sewing instructor
As an employee of CPCC, I took a couple of classes with Ruth in early 2000.
She is very patient with her students and is always encouraging each one
I have learned so much from her. I still take classes with her in her home.

I have followed Ruth from Handcock Fabrics to Michaels to Hobby Lobby.

Even if I get stuck on a project Ruth will today always make a way to help me.

She is one of America’s greatest.

Hats off to you, Ruth


Laura S Duffy

June 26, 2017

I have been taking Ruth’s classes for several months and have learned so much! I was a true beginner- I couldn’t thread my machine if there wasn’t thread to follow. But I’ve always loved clothes, which is why I took the first class. Ruth has a lot of knowledge, but it is her attitude that makes her such a great teacher. She is very laid back and assures you she has seen that mistake before and that it can be fixed. This is what a beginner needs. Now I am wearing clothes I made in her class, including a lace overlay that I wore to a wedding. If you think you want to sew, or if you want your clothes to fit, take these classes.


February 24, 2016
Being a middle aged woman, I was very skeptical about picking up a new hobby. Mrs. Ruth helped me dis-spell the myth that I was too old to learn a new trade. Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect on the first day but as the class progressed I noticed how patient she was and how she didn’t give me the side-eye when asking a question from a beginner standpoint. Every weekend I was excited to attend class and learn something new. By the last day of class, I ready to make an entire outfit…well not exactly but the pajamas that I made were just as awesome and I had fun making them. I would definitely recommend going to Ruth’s Sewing Room, that’s if you are sincere about learning how to sew. Mrs. Ruth, I will be back to save me a seat.
Lee Ann Hibbard
October 28, 2014
I’ve known Ruth for about 5 years and have taken two of her classes. She is an amazing teacher. She is super patient and very encouraging. Her demeanor in class really helps to give her students the confidence to go out and sew anything they would like. Her second level adult class is fabulous because you can tackle any project that you would like. She makes BEAUTIFUL boutique items for clients around the world, so she has proven her skills and her professionalism. Who better for a sewing teacher than someone who is running a successful sewing business.
Johnella Walker 
October 23, 2014

My 11-year-old daughter has been attending sewing class for a little over a year. She loves each session and looks forward to her time in class. Ruth is very patient with her students and is a very skilled teacher who loves sharing her knowledge with her students.

My daughter is so excited sewing that she wants to make her prom dress when she gets to high school!! (Now, THAT is what I’m excited about!! )


Janet D

October 23, 2014, 

I love Ruth’s sewing classes. Ruth is an excellent teacher who spends time with each student. She is very encouraging and I have seen many of her student's items for sale and have done really well. No matter what level you are sewing at Ruth challenges you to be even better AND equips you to get there.

Edna Marte

October 2014

I’ve taken a few classes at Ruth’s Sewing Academy. Her classes easily became my Saturday afternoon obsession. I like that you can bring your own project in the Sewing II class and Ruth is there when you get stuck. I got stuck, a lot! Ruth showed me how to correct my mistakes and easier ways to perform a specific task (ie inserting zippers and plackets). She’s an excellent teacher who I’ve told everyone about that is interesting in learning to sew the right way. She’s patient and knows her craft very well. I hope to be half as good a seamstress as Ruth.