Ruth Sewing Room its booked through May 2023 for custom Dresses as of 3/22/2023

About Us Adult Sewing Classes

This course is designed for the adult who always wanted to sew. We will cover topics such as:

  • Getting acquainted with your machine.
  • Introduction to tools, and notions.
  • Introduction to mastering seams,  such as how to Sew Straight Seam,  French Seam, and Overcast Stitch
  • We will also learn Basting Stitch, and how to make Ruffles.
  • We will touch a bit of Alteration with learning to do a  blind hem.
  • Also, we will learn how to do one kind of Zipper application and Buttonhole.
  • Introduction to reading instruction and patterns and so much more.
  • To conclude the course we will incorporate all these elements into a sewing project.
  • Techniques and tips.

For the Adult class, I ask you to be 17 or older, classes are 2 hours long weekly for six weeks meeting once a week.  Classes are hand on base, Students are encouraged to have their own sewing
machine but not required (machine are available on request).  If you are thinking of buying a sewing machine before class please wait until the first class. I will let you know which machines are worth buying and which ones are not. Supplies are not included in the class fee, I do have kits available for a discount price of 49.95,  again students are welcome to purchase, at locate fabric store also.  A supply list will be given out the first day.  What to bring the first day your SEWING MACHINE and THREAD  ( if you don’t have a sewing machine I have two students are welcome to use) If you’re looking to buy one please wait till after the first class I will talk about which one are good and which ones are a waste of your money.