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Mornings with Jesus

I want to share with you my mornings with Jesus - I started a healing Journal about 5 years ago with Katie Souza "healing your Soul really keys to the miraculous" it has been a great ride. Some days I just wanted to quit and many more days I knew I had to press in and keep going.
The Lord had me to a study of the Book oF Ruth. Yes, I know that my name. I asked God I want to live up to my name. Never ask that until you know what Ruth when though. I still love my name, when I was a child I did not like my name. The more I walk with God the more I love my name.
There some much in the study of Ruth 
So this certain man (Elimelech) was just was delivered out of the hand of his enemies ( soul wounds) so he when back the only thing he felt was right to do in his only eyesight and when this certain man got in a tight spot he turned to the world way of thinking -- he did not trust God enough to provide for his and hie family needs - he moved to a un-godly place. And but moving to this ungodly place he put his sons in a place to marriage outside of the faith

Ephrathites = fruitful and Bethlehem = house of bread
Jacob built a tomb on the way to was traveling from Bethel to Ephrath Rachel died there ( a deep soul wound

Because of his father choice they the sons married outside of the faith - they married Woman that worship Moab --

reading Gen 19:33 story about Lots daughter slept with their father and the younger daughter gave born to Moab and he the father of Moabites. and the other daughter had a child and Ben-Ammi - he became the father of Ammon -- Wow we have no idea what our sin does to the future

Naomi knew to return to the Lord in her time of trouble - Bethlehem
Naomi bland God for her trouble not knowing that it was the soul wounds in her husband that make the decision to walk away from God (Bethlehem) and to know to trust God even in the rough times. - His decision may have cost him his life and the life of his two boys. His soul wound gave satan a place to attach and attack
For the Word tell us in many places the God does not come to steal and kill -- Satan hates God so much he hate us for loving God and he will come to attack us every day -- We have to learn God ways - so the enemy can't come in a steal and kill before our time.

Naomi changing her name was a big deal in those days - you name was part of your character - Naomi calling her self Bitter-mean there was a big soul wound -- sometimes the wound can be so big that there broken heart pieces they that the Only the Lord Jesus can heal. Have you ever known that you need to forgive someone - the bible tells you to forgive so you can be healed and you just can't bring your self to do it. I know the feeling the other day the Lord showed me a time in space that I was hurt be someone - someone that I thought I had forgiving - but when the Lord showed me these people face I was so mad - more like enraged - I was shocked I felt that way -- My pray partner had to help me see it was the prince of demon satan his self that was holding on to a broken heart piece and that why I got not forgive. Once I knew it was satan behind the pain I was able to forgive and ask Jesus to heal my broken heart.

personal note form God to me -- Ruth 2:2
I The Lord told, I've been gleaning in the fields long enough - that he wants to be my Boaz -- that he has given me favor.
Per the words from Jamie a few days ago
He said to walk as the daughter of a King you have to believe you are one.
2/21/2020 -- re-reading my notes
The showing me some more wounds with not seeing my self as his children -- I've been working on soul wounds in my family line of slavery -- I've had pain in my foot and around my left (Secret) ankle for about a year now. was connected to my family line being in slavery. and this morning the Lord told me I still see my self as slavery that has to work hard to please his master

He said you have been walking like your Father the King is not alive and you have no inheritance.
For so many years I've walked with the shame of being overweighed - so with said that I have a hard time received this kind of Love form the Lord. Lord teach me your ways show me you love. I guess because of my weight I really never seen my self as worthy of Love. As I'm reading the book of Ruth and I see how a relative (Boaz/The Lord) shows her kindness she seems able to received it with no problems. Ruth 2:1 a man of great wealth... Lord, why can't I received that from you. Not that you don't want to give it - I have to receive it