Character Costumes

Dressing up as a fictional character could make children work harder, new research suggests. 

Getting your little ones to focus can prove to be one of the most challenging trials of parenthood, but according to a recent study, the solution to a distracted child lies in the bottom of their dressing up box. 

Published in the journal Child Development, researchers have found that youngsters who were able to engage in pretend play while performing a mundane task exhibited greater perseverance.

Dubbed the ‘Batman Effect’, the results suggest that far from being a distraction, role-play could improve your child’s focus. 

Researchers placed 180 children between the ages of four and six into three different groups, including one where they were allowed to dress up as Batman, Rapunzel, Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder. 

Each group was then given 10 minutes to complete a boring task on a computer but were also told that they could play a fun game in the nearby room whenever they wanted to. 

While the former was told to think of themselves as the character they had dressed up as when completing the task, other children were asked to act like themselves, sans costume. 

Interestingly, the results found that the children who dressed up actually got the most work done. 

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