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I've purchased all my machine from AAA Sewing in Stalling Right outside of Matthews. I have taught over 9000 students on their own machine and I see many sewing machine. From very low end to very high. One thing that most machine I see is that most are not worth the money my students have paid. I see many machines from the big box stores because they are cheap and most beginner don't want to spend to much on a machine. But I tell them all, that if you have a machine that does not work will you will not want to sew,. A good machine will make you want to sew and you will enjoy it. Janome are very, well made, and a good price for the money.

AAA Sewing Shop your home for quality sewing machines and great services. AAA Sewing New Owner Specials Just in time for Christmas be sure to check them out. Be sure to tell her your my student for a special discount.

About Janome

The leading edge of the home sewing revolution.

A Letter From Jiro Hagiwara, President and CEO of Janome America, Inc.
Janome has been at the cutting edge of sewing technology since the earliest days of our founding. We were the first to develop a computerized machine for home use (the Memory 7, in 1979) and the first to offer professional style embroidery to the home market (the Memory Craft 8000, in 1990). Today, we offer the most advanced machines ever conceivedóthe amazing Memory Craft 11000. We can proudly claim to deliver the most powerful, sophisticated home machine on the market, with patented stepping-motor technology and industry-leading software.

Yet equally as important as our innovative technology is the mission behind it. We know the most important thing about our products is not the machines themselves, but what you create with them. The better your tools, the more inventive, artistic and pleasurable your sewing experience. Thatís why we design our machines for performance, but also for comfort, quality, and intuitive ease of operation. At Janome America, we want our products to inspire, not intimidateóbecause the most important function our machines perform is to set free your creativity.

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